Thursday, July 26, 2012

Painting on my floating studio in Greece

Right now I am in Greece on our small sailing boat "Aquarella". I have all my painting materials on board and the subject matter is right there for the taking. As nearly always in a new place, the first painting I make is of the obvious; like "Sunset-Over-The-Sea" sort of thing. When I've done that it will be time for some more serious work. But in the mean time I would like to try to add some originality to the painting of this obvious subject. Everyone knows that "the sunset over the sea" is beautiful but so what? Everyone takes pictures of it, every evening all over the world  so why bother to paint it? I suppose the challenge is to capture an impression and render it in a way that is unique and that no one has ever seen before despite the millions of sunset pics being taken everyday. But I don't really need to take up such an ambitious challenge at all, I might just choose to paint something for myself as a memory of a beautiful evening.