Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cover illustration

Refelections, watercolour 35 x 46 cm 
 I have just been informed that my watercolour painting "Reflections" has been chosen as the cover illustration for the book "Festival of writing 2012" a collage of writing edited by Debi Alper. The festival is arranged each year by Writers Workshop, the world's leading consultancy for first time writers, started by the well known writer Harry Bingham. The festival hosts some of Britain's best-selling authors and publishers. So I am very honoured to have one of my works on the cover of the book.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Art blogs targeted by dishonest spammers!

"Sharron Davidson", Austin Texas,
Pinner on Pinterest with a
keen interest in art
Unfortunately I have had to enable comments moderation, so from now on no comment will be published without my consent. This isn't because I only want positive comments! but because my blog is being bombarded with spam from "Peter Pascal" and "Scott Davidson", not their real names of course. By googling a sentence in one of the comments I've had, I found out that they send thousands of computer generated comments to art bloggers. They pretend to be interested in your art and then have the audacity to write that it's better to buy another artist's reproduction from their company's website Wahooart. There you can choose between hundreds of awful reproductions in any size or colour. When I googled Wahooart I found it on Pinterest represented by a Pinner called Sharron Davidson with a very glamorous profile picture. She has 38 boards, with 541 pins all from Wahooart. When I did an image search of "her" profile picture it turned out to be a photograph of a Bollywood actress called Sonali Bendre! I wonder if anyone would want to buy anything from a company represented by dishonest people with false profiles? I suspect Sharron Davidson, Peter Pascal and Scott Davidson are one and the same person. So to all serious, hard working artists with blogs I would like to give this advice: Enable comments moderation and don't allow any comments to be published without your consent! If you are on Pinterest, don't support this glamorous art lover by following her!

Bollywood actress Sonli Bendre