Friday, August 17, 2012

Painting depth in acrylics

This is an acrylic painting which I have been working on for some time. In it I have experimented with different techniques to create an illusion of depth and distance. By merging the brush strokes and making soft transitions between colours, an impression of unsharp focus can be achieved. This I did with the rocks in the background.
The brush strokes in the middle ground are also loosened up and there are layers of translucent colour overlapping each other, there is intentionally no attention to detail here as that would only add confusion to the composition.
A close up view of this looks completely abstract but at a distance you can see the wet, flat stone.

Every time I paint water it's a new challenge. This time it was the bubbles and transparent, small waves that I wanted to describe. You can see the seaweed and some pebbles under the surface. The colours of these are toned down and the absence of sharp edges helps to give the impression of something a little diffuse, as seen through water.


 The surface texture on the stone in the foreground is made by flicking and 
 spattering different colours on with a toothbrush.
  I wanted to accentuate the roughness of the stone in contrast to the soft flowing
  water. This, I feel, creates an interesting dialogue within the painting. 
I love to indulge in details and I could hardly wait to revel in them. By painting the stone's surface with all the numerous spots, cracks and crevasses, it became the focal point I wanted it to be.

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